The Pre-Order

Ever since I have been following Tesla Motors I have been impressed and have wanted to find a way to get one of their all electric vehicles into our garage. As impressed as I was with the Roadster, Model S and Model X the way they fit into the Tesla Secret Master Plan [Part 2] meant that I was not in a place financially to make that happen. (At the time of writing this post, the least expensive Tesla I can order comes in at $97,200.00 before taxes.) Thankfully, there have now been hundreds of thousands of people willing to support Tesla so that they could release their first “affordable” car to the public.

In the beginning of March, 2016 the first hints of the Tesla Model 3 were revealed to the public. We were told to expect a four door family sedan with an initial base price tag of $35,000.00 USD. Additionally, Tesla released that they were going to open a refundable preorder deposit on the car of $1,000.00 to their internal employees and those employed at Space-X. On March 31, 2016 as Tesla was preparing to reveal the car to the public for the first time, they also expanded the pre-order program to the public. The first wave of public pre-orders was to occur at the official Tesla stores (not a dealership) and then an hour before the reveal happened preorders also expanded to online orders.

Having discussed the potential of the Model 3, my wife and I were prepared to place the deposit sight unseen. While we were very comfortable and confident that the Model 3 would meet our expectations, we were reassured that the deposit is fully refundable. This meant that the minute online orders opened up for the car we immediately submitted our payment.

An hour later, my wife and I watched the live stream of the reveal. We finally got to see the car that we put our money down on, and were not disappointed. Details about the car from our point of view will be detailed in future posts, but there are numerous places online to find out more today.

One of the things that really surprised me about the Model 3 reveal was the amount of people who pre-ordered the car. By the time the dust settled Tesla revealed that over 400,000 reservations were received. This met us with mixed emotions. I, was upset as this meant it will be a little longer until the Model 3 is delivered into our garage. My wife was very happy. She’s the more pragmatic one and is happy to wait which allows us the opportunity to improve our financial situation and it provides Tesla more time to eliminate potential initial issues with the car. Tesla has revealed that deliveries of the car will be prioritized to:

  1. Tesla/Space-X employees.
  2. Current Tesla Owners
  3. General Public

Tesla also explained that deliveries are planned to occur for those that are located closer to the factory to begin with. This allows Tesla to identify and resolve any potential issues quickly, as well as use those learnings to adjust the assembly line and prevent them in the future.

With the assembly line of the Tesla Model 3 set to start producing cars in July of 2017, I am not expecting our vehicle to be produced until at least the second half of 2018.

If there is something particular (maintenance, range, cold weather, etc.) that you’d love for me to cover first, please drop me a comment below.